Dark - Season 1
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Dark - Season 1

A missing child causes four families to help each other for answers. What they could not imagine is that this mystery would be connected to innumerable other secrets of the small town.

Genres: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama, Mystery, Crime

Production Companies : Wiedemann & Berg Television

Alternative Titles : Dark, , Dark, Dark, ดาร์ก, , Dark

Networks: Netflix

Quality: HD FullHD UltraHD

Rating: 8.5


Episode Lists
Episode 1 : Secrets

In 2019, a local boy's disappearance stokes fear in the residents of Winden, a small German town with a strange and tragic history. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 2 : Lies

When a grim discovery leaves the police baffled, Ulrich seeks a search warrant for the power plant. A mysterious stranger checks into the hotel. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 3 : Past and Present

It's 1986, and Ulrich's brother, Mads, has been missing for a month. Confusion reigns as past and present intertwine. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 4 : Double Lives

Bizarre occurrences give Charlotte a sense of déjà vu, and she suspects Peter is hiding something. Franziska snaps when Magnus confronts her. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 5 : Truths

Hannah takes her obsession with Ulrich too far. The stranger asks Regina to deliver an important package. Martha is torn between Jonas and Bartosz. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 6 : Sic Mundus Creatus Est

Ulrich looks to the past for answers and dredges up disturbing family secrets. Armed with new tools, Jonas probes the cave's murky depths. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 7 : Crossroads

Ulrich questions a frail and frightened Helge in the nursing home. Jonas searches for Mikkel, but the stranger warns him about meddling with the past. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 8 : As You Sow, so You Shall Reap

In 1953, the disfigured bodies of two boys are exhumed at a construction site, the future location of Winden's nuclear power plant. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 9 : Everything is Now

Ulrich runs afoul of the law, Helge tries to dodge Egon Tiedemann, Claudia harnesses the cave's powers, and Katharina lashes out at Hannah. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 10 : Alpha and Omega

Peter gets a shock. Jonas learns the truth about his family, but there are more surprises still to come. Helge makes a sacrifice. ... [ View More ... ]