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Mnet's 'I-Land' tells the story of a brand new, global K-Pop boy group produced jointly by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. The reality series will follow the in-depth process of planning for and producing a K-Pop group in the form of a surveillance reality.

Genres: Reality

Production Companies : CJ ENM, Big Hit Entertainment

Alternative Titles : Iland

Networks: Mnet, tvN

Quality: HD FullHD UltraHD

Rating: 9.0

Casts: Namkoong Min, Rain, Zico, K, Hanbin, Seon, Geonu, Jaeho, Jaebeom, Jimin, Heeseung, Jay, Youngbin, Nicholas, EJ, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Sungchul, Jungwon, Taeyong, Kyungmin, Yoonwon, Ta-ki, Ni-ki, Daniel

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