Say I Do - Season 1
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Say I Do - Season 1

In this reality show, couples overcome obstacles to celebrate their love in surprise dream weddings designed by three experts in less than a week.
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Episode 1 : I Do-Over

Marcus hopes to surprise Tiffany with her ideal wedding redo after a year of loss. With the trio's help, their event brims with happiness and healing. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 2 : Instant Family

No clowns. Just a stunning gown — and a fun carnival-themed wedding — for a pregnant bride. That's Michael's wish for Alex and their growing brood. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 3 : Second Chances

Hardship and heartbreak couldn't extinguish Nikko and Amber's love. Will they get another shot to wed their way — with tacos, dancing and a '90s vibe? ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 4 : Love at Any Age

It took a long time for old-school lovebirds Mattie and Melvin to reconnect. Now they'll be together forever — if they can open up to each other. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 5 : Kindergarten Crush

After a lifetime of building dreams from nothing, Joe longs to make it official with childhood bestie Kerry at a lavish Roaring '20s-style wedding. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 6 : In Sickness and in Health

An online match leads to love for Jason and Jonathan. Now, after beating back cancer, they want a Christmas-inspired marriage — and more. ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 7 : Cinderella Wedding

After struggling her whole life, Essie stood by Bruce when he was injured in a farming accident. Can he give her the fairy-tale wedding she deserves? ... [ View More ... ]

Episode 8 : Me and My Guy

Their love was undeniable, but Randy grapples with family judgment and being out and proud. Will Skyler get to throw him a bold, beautiful wedding? ... [ View More ... ]