For film or television lovers, of course, you will be familiar with the series of two words and the series. The two words above are often used in a feature film or a television title, but both have the same meaning but are different in use. However, many do not understand both because they are almost similar in terms of vocabulary and terms. So, let’s see why the two words are different.

  • Serial

Serial is a name that shows a series of stories of the same subject, but a story is not a continuation of the previous story. Thus, what this series means is that the characters who play the roles are the same, but the stories are different in each series, for example: Doraemon, Sopo dan jarwo, etc

  • Series

This series is the opposite of a series that without having to read the previous scenario to understand the story as a whole and the meaning of the series is a name that shows a unified history where a story of another story is linked for Whether there is a party that is not followed then makes it difficult for us to understand the next scenario. This means that this type has a coherent plot and each series is also linked to the previous story. Serial sample: Naruto, imperfect series, Yowesben series, millennial clerics, etc.

The series and the series depend on the title, so that the way to distinguish the two is actually very simple, simply be careful for the title using the second word or not, if it can not be seen in each episode, It has another plot or unity in the advanced direction. The use of the two words is indeed very common but the understanding must be different so as not to be misunderstood.

Well, you already understand, for movie or television lovers on the use of both, do not make sense of meaning. For the moment, many films are serialized or pure series on several film broadcast provider platforms. For the series, most of them concern cartoons or the world of children even from the comedy.

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