MOVIE 2021

  1. Definition Movie

The movie is a live image that is also often called movie. Movie
collectively often called cinema. Cinema itself
comes from the cinematic word or movement. The movies are real
are cellulose fluid layers, commonly known in the para-
filmmakers as celluloid.

The literal meaning of the film (cinema) is
Cinemathography derived from cinema + tho = phytos (light)

  • graphie = Grhap (text = image = image), so what does it mean
    The movement of paint is the light. So we can paint the movement
    with light we need to use a special tool that we are used to
    Call it a camera.

Movie is just a moving image, as for
the movement is called intermittent movement, a movement that
appears only because of the limited ability of the eyes and brain
Humans capture a number of image applications in a fraction
seconds. The film has become a very influential environment, more than any other support, because the audio and visually it works together
well to make the public underenée and more
Easy to remember, because of the attractive format.

2. History and Development of International Film

Films invented at the end of the 19th century
Developing at this day is a “subsequent development”
photographic technology. Important developments in the history of photography have been
took place in 1826, when Joseph NicePhore Niepce de France
Make a mix with money to make an image on
A thick tin sheet.

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) An American scientist
Union of the inventors of electric light and phonograph (phonograph record), in
1887 was inspired to make a recording device and
Create (produce) an image. Edison was not alone. He helped
by George Eastman, who later in 1884 discovered
Film ribbon (celluloid) translucent plastic. Year
1891 Eastman assisted by Hannibal Goodwin introduces a roller
movie that can be inserted into the camera during the day.

The tool designed and manufactured by Thomas Alva Edison
called Kineoscope (Kineoscope) which is in the form of a hollow box
Watch or take a look at a show.
The Lumiere brothers then designed a new equipment that
Combination of camera, film processing equipment and projector
become a. The Lumiere brothers mention a new equipment for
The Kineoscope with a “cinematography” (cinematograph).

This cinematograph was then patented in

  1. In this cinematograph’s equipment, there is a motion mechanism
    intermittent movement that causes each
    The frame of the movie playing pause for a moment, then he is illuminated
    Projector lamp. In the first days of its invention, cinematography equipment
    has been used to record short scenes.
    For example, the train scene entering the train station, the children’s scene
    Play on the beach, in the park and so on.

The film has been shown to the general public for the first time with
salary takes place at the Grand Cafe Boulevard de Capucines, Paris,
France on December 28, 1895. This event also marked
The birth of the film and cinema in the world.

Despite this attempt to create a “mobile image” or a movie
itself had started well before 1895, even since
130 AD, but the international community recognizes that the events of
Great coffee is what marked the birth of the world’s first movie.